Beauty Review- Essence Liquid Liner

Today I have an amazing beauty find for you all!

Let me introduce you to the Essence Liquid Liner (waterproof formula). This is one liquid liner you will definitely want to add to your arsenal!

I have heard a few beauty vloggers refer to this liner as a dupe for Stila’s stay all day liquid liner but without the heavy price tag ($29 CAD).


What I love: Pretty much everything! I have tried many many liquid eyeliners over the last few years and this little baby is definitely up in my top three (just behind Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner). The PRICE! you really can’t go wrong with how affordable this liner is. The quality is amazing, the precision of the felt lip applicator is great and it goes on line a dream.

What I don’t love: I can’t even blame this on the product.. but I have hooded eyes, more so on my right lid than the left and sometimes I notice a bit of transfer later in the day. This really only happens when I’ve been sweating so Im pretty sure it is from the sweat breaking down the liner. Lately I have been doing smaller wings to see if that helps and so far so good.

The price: Are you ready for this??… ONLY $3.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart! I told you it was a steal!


Dollar store beauty finds

If you’re reading my blog it is because you are probably a beauty/fashion lover like myself. And being a lover of all things pretty you know how expensive it can be. Whenever I am in a dollar store I always take a trip down the health/beauty aisle to see what I might find. Sometimes it is full of great stuff and other times it is just a sad place to be.

Here are a couple of my favourite dollar store finds.

Lipstick holder

I have seen something similar to this (although a different style) for over $10. So when I found these little babies at only $2 each I had to grab a few.


I use a TON of disposable items in my freelance career and at home. Cotton balls, cotton pads, q-tips and  latex free makeup sponges can all be found in the beauty aisle of your local dollar store. Considering how many I go through this is an amazing find!

Nail Polish and other nail things.

I don’t know how many times I have come across OPI nail polish in my local dollar store. It will only run you $3 versus the drug store price that is pretty much double. Only downfall is limited colour selections available. On top of cheap nail polish you may also find these nail wraps. They are available in limited designs (I just happened to find this cool tattoo one) and only cost $2… so not a lot of out of pocket expense if they don’t work. A few other items that you will find are nail clippers, files ect. It dosn’t need to cost you and arm and a leg to keep your nails looking good! (But I am ALL for a trip to the nail salon.. just saying!)

Hair stuff.

What do they not have at the dollar store? Brushes, combs, clips and more. Granted they are not great quality but if you are in a pinch it is definitely a great option. I mean a comb is a comb right?


The dollar store is really hit or miss when it comes to certain types of products but sometimes you can really strike gold.

Have you ever found anything amazing in your dollar stores beauty aisle? If so what was it?




Amazing Sephora offer!


Hello lovelies this awesome promotion just hit my e-mail and I really had to share it with you!

If you are like me then Sephora is your holy grail.. you see rainbows and unicorns when you walk in. You get giddy looking at all of the new products and spend forever picking out what you want.. you are a happy little clam once you check out, but your bank account just cries. Sound about right?

We do not have a Sephora where I live so when a makeup shopping mood hits I have no choice but to go to their website to order. The nice thing is you always get to choose three samples upon check out.. but the even SWEETER thing is right now you can get your three samples PLUS a deluxe 7 piece sample set in a little bag! KA-CHING!
All you have to do is place a $25 order (In Canada) and you qualify for the deluxe sample bag. Everyone loves free stuff!

If you have have gifts to buy or just want to spoil yourself go ahead and choose 1 of 4 FREE Deluxe Sample bags full of party favorites. Use code: PARTYPICKS at the check out.

Happy Shopping!


Ours by Cheryl Hickey

I attended the National Womens show in Toronto last week and came across the booth for OURS. It initially peaked my interest because of my friend and her little one (She has a love for all natural products). The ladies at the booth were great and very knowledgable on the product line. I quickly found out that OURS is not just for babies but for the entire family and each product has more than one use.

OURS is a collaboration between Canadian icon Cheryl Hickey, Swisspharme and Rexall. It was created to provide families with a safe and natural alternative to everyday products that they use in their home. From hand soap to a facial exfoliator this line has so many amazing products that you already use. They are also a Canadian company, what more could you ask for?

OURS product line do not contain:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • SLS
  • PPG’s
  • Dyes
  • GMO’s
  • Triclosan
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Animal Products
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Petrochemicals
  • Most common allergens
  • Cruelty Free

I decided to pick up the Anything Balm, 3 in 1 Cleansing Oil, Head to Toe Wash and the Face and Body Exfoliating Lotion. The product that really peaked my interest was the Anything Balm. It can  be used as an all over face and body moisturizer or you can rub onto your elbows, heels and cuticles for intense protection. That last part really sparked my interest because I deal with insanely dry feet all year long and cracking hands in the winter.

I have used all of the products for a week now and can tell you they are definitely worth a trip to REXALL  They are safe enough for everyone in your household to use and supporting a Canadian company is always a bonus. If you would like more information about OUR just head on over to their website.

What natural product have you tried lately that you have fallen in love with?




What to pack for Blissdom Canada

This week I will be travelling to Blue Mountain resort to join over 200 bloggers and social media influencers at Blissdom Canada. To say I am excited is a huge understatement. This will be my fourth year attending the conference and sadly this will be the last large conference for Blissdom.


I have been going back and forth on what I need to pack for the last few weeks. I know that might seem a little strange but let me explain. I will be heading to Vaughn Mills with my good friend and roomie Sarah from (       ) on Thursday and taking a shuttle from the mall up to Blue Mountain. When we come back to Toronto on Sunday we will be heading to the Total Women Show at the Metro Toronto Convention centre. Because we will be checking our bags at the convention centre I need to strategically pack to make my travels as stress free as possible.

The first plan of attack was to study the schedule of events and find out what I would be wearing for each of the nightly festivities.

Thursday night consists of the sponsor & newcomer meet and treat event followed by the welcome reception with CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR. Because one starts right after the other I will only need to pack one outfit. I decided to go with something in-between casual and dressy.

Friday is the much anticipated Mardi Gras party that is sponsored by Canadian Lentils. Last year they put on an incredible Circus themed event that was just awesome. For this event I plan on rocking a little black dress, heels and of course a mask.

Saturday night is the closing out of Blissdom and this year it will be ushered out with a plaid and jeans event at one of Blue Mountains bars. I am honestly not a huge fan of plaid on myself.. but I am still hunting for something that I will feel comfortable in for this event. You would think that since plaid is a huge thing right now it would be easy, not so much. Maybe I should just look for a plaid hankie.. because in true Blissdom fashion there will be many tears shed.

My attire for the daytime sessions will consist of comfortable and warm outfits. There is a little bit of a walk from where we are staying to the conference centre so comfortable shoes are a must.

Non clothing essentials to pack:

  • makeup (limited)
  • personal hygiene items
  • Ipad, pens,paper, business cards
  • tylenol, kleenex

No matter if this is your first conference or you are a seasoned conference attendee.. the most important thing to bring with you is not any piece of clothing, but a positive attitude and open mind. Soak in as much information as you can and take the time to forge relationships with other bloggers.


Should you throw that out?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “I have had this (insert product here) for 2 years.. should I get rid of it?”. Below you will find a simple outline of the shelf life of your much loved cosmetics.


2 Year shelf life

  • Blush
  • Eyeshadow
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Moisturizer
  • Powder
  • Concealer

1 year shelf life

  • Eyeliner (Gel and Pencil)
  • Brow Pencil
  • Lip liner
  • Cleanser
  • Lipstick
  • Cream Shadows
  • Lip Gloss

6 Month shelf life

  • Makeup sponges (wash after each use!)
  • Mascara
  • Liquid liner

Tips to keep your products fresh.

Keep lids on when not in use.

Tighten that lid. Air is the enemy for creamy/gel products.

Keep lipsticks out of the heat!

Do not submerge your brushes in water. This is a surefire way to ruin them. Also do not try on towels, they can breed mildew… ew! Hang them to dry. (For more info on brushes check out this post).

If the container is broken or the product is broken (example..powders,eyeshadows,blushes) throw it out!


All about brushes.

When doing your makeup it is important to have the right tools for the job. This doesn’t mean you need to go and spend $70 on one brush (that’s insane!). Do a little research and you are sure to find the perfect brushes for your makeup arsenal. Below is just a little bit of information on the types of brushes and what they are used for.

Natural fibre brushes- Made up of well.. natural fibres. I’m talking real animal hair. The bristles move freely which makes them an ideal choice for blending products like eyeshadows, powders and blushes. I would not recommend you use this style of brush with liquid or cream because the product will get trapped in the fibres. This will not only waste your product but be difficult to clean. My favourite natural brushes are the “Luna Badger” series from Crown Brush.

Synthetic fibre brushes- These brushes are constructed with man-made fibres such as nylon and other synthetic fibres. These bristles do not have cuticles so they are best for liquids and creams. Sigma brushes are some of my current favorites.

I decided to add a little image to show you the different kinds of brushes and what they are used for. Always remember though that just because the brush is labelled for one thing it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for another function. Play around with your brushes and find out what works for you.


If you have any specific brush questions feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer 🙂